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ADCC 2022

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ADCC 2022


For the 2022 ADCC awards, the Advertising & Design Club of Canada approached Baillat Studio to brand their call for entries. Visually, the concept materializes in a galaxy of interlinked dots that represent the Canadian creative community. “Connecting the Dots” is also the basis of creativity: the ability to connect different elements to generate new ideas.⁠

A dot is a singular entity in space that becomes plural, that can become stronger, when it is associated, when it is linked, when it is connected to other dots. Dots then become a form, a shape, a complex entity, a society. Dots then can become a line, which gives direction, which gives purpose. The text composed for the occasion is generated from simple queries in French and in English in Search Engines, mainly: “Relier les points pour...” and “Connecting the dots.



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We also create immersive visual narratives and installations for brands and performers looking for new ways to inspire and invigorate their audiences. We help bring each client’s vision to life by designing otherworldly experiences that leave an indelible impression on the minds of viewers.

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