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Age of Union - Identity & Campaign


Age of Union was started, in 2021 by Lightspeed founder Dax Dasilva, to plant the seeds for a new age of environmental awareness. Their main mission is to inspire the next generation of changemakers to unite to fight climate change on a common front. Age of Union's desire to ignite change called for an equally disruptive look and feel.

Using bold colours and vivid imagery, Baillat Studio worked to redefine what it means to be an environmental non-profit alliance. Based on the idea of connection, a simple line is used as the unifying symbol of the brand, connecting us all to take action for the future of our planet.

Three-line logo using the brand's flagship unifying line.
Logo on a line.

To launch an awareness campaign, the studio and Age of Union produced a manifesto video that encapsulates the project's mission and leitmotif.

The video was made following a studio shoot and a shoot in nature, then completed with the realization of strong images in 3D.


AoU Manifesto


The Age of Union brand is also reflected on its new website, which again focuses on the idea of a unifying line.

The website was created in partnership with Locomotive. Link :

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