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MURAL Festival - 10th edition

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MURAL Festival - 10th edition


To celebrate the tenth edition of the Mural Urban Art Festival, we created a striking identity that highlighted the festival's first decade while setting the tone for the years to come. To do this, we created a campaign centered around a system of 10 graffiti-style illustrations - playful and vivid - that were set against clean, contemporary typographic visuals. In the wild poster campaign, we added a material dimension to the project as the posters were individually graffitied before being put up.

This play with materiality and simplicity of illustrations allowed the Mural Festival to celebrate its first leitmotiv, street art, in addition to offering its 10th edition a strong human dimension. In this spirit, the use of graffiti had the objective of placing the public at the center of this edition. The colorful and dynamic intervention on a discreet canvas recalls the energy of street art, and the Mural Festival, which breaks a certain monotony.


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