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RDV Design Scenography


RDV Design is an event - presented by Infopresse, Grafika and Index design - of exchange and inspiration between designers from all horizons. For its 2015 and 2016 editions, the organizing committee called on Baillat Studio to design the event's scenography, as well as the campaign. Addressing an audience of insiders, we returned to the source by proposing a scenography and a visual built around the three letters of the event

On the stage, the three letters, designed in collaboration with Robocut, are placed in a way that softly illuminates the stage and the speakers on its floor. The campaign features these same three letters, and structures, along with two other visual compositions to form the five images of the campaign. The imagery takes the established designers back to a school environment: the grid of notebook sheets, the clock, geometric shapes, primary colors, etc.


RDV Design - Scenography


Campaign Images

RDV Design 2015 - Opening video


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