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Star Académie


Back after a 9-year hiatus, Star Académie, brought to you by Les Productions Déferlantes, entrusted the visual identity of the new edition of the very popular music show to Baillat Studio. Working with modern codes, the studio proposed a new scintillating signature that puts the spotlight on the new generation of participants and viewers.

Centered around the image of the star, the logo and its three variations also point to the close-knit nature of the show, which takes its function as a music academy very seriously.The use of the abbreviation SA in the monograms testifies to the public's familiarity with Star Académie, even after nearly a decade of television absence.


Star Académie - Logo Animation



Already an iconic show in the recent history of the Quebec small screen, the new version managed to raise the bar by garnering an impressive 55% market share and a 100% impact on ticket sales.

Market Share 55%
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