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The Elektra Virtual Museum is a virtual museum experience that breaks free from the constraints of the real world. Developed in collaboration with Elektra, EVM invites the public to discover artworks that exist in the real world, specially modeled and adapted for the metaverse. The studio signed the creative direction of this digital experience: the graphic identity, as well as the development and production of the architecture and environment of the EVM.

The architecture of the EVM was dictated by the desire to create a unique space that fits in with the evolution of the museum in the 21st century. Free of technical and physical constraints, the experience proposes an aesthetic research, purely formal, which is inspired by bio-morphism and blob architecture. The complete experience is available for download on the EVM website:

The graphic signature of the Elektra Virtual Museum is inspired by the one developed for the Elektra organization.
The mix of an editorial typography, with almost architectural lines, with a classic lineal grotesk font reminds the project's mission, that of projecting the museum in an entirely digital universe.

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The website was created in collaboration with the Montreal-based agency, Locomotive.

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