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Locomotive - Manifesto

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Locomotive - Manifesto


To announce the new visual identity of Locomotive, a digital design agency based in Montreal, Baillat Studio produced a manifesto video that cryptically reveals the agency's leitmotif: "Design and Code are only tools". The new brand image is built in front of the viewers as two printers, one 3D and the other paper, print glyphs related to the world of ferociousness and Montreal, central elements of the new identity. These glyphs are also staged in typographic animations and by projections on humans.

The video was mostly made in 3D, in collaboration with the excellent Sindre Ulvik Péladeau. We also directed and produced a video shoot with Martin Laporte. The 2D animations are a collaboration between Locomotive and the studio. We also contributed to the new identity, a realization of Tomorrow Creative Services and Locomotive.


Locomotive - Manifesto


In addition to serving as the flagship element of the new identity announcement, the video manifesto and various product elements populate the new Locomotive website.

Several PNG sequences have been produced to be animated when scrolling.

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