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The Clock


The Clock is a short film that acts as the final piece Baillat Studio's new identity. It presents the new logo integrated in a circular clock that symbolizes change, growth, energy and the beginning of a new era. It is a captivating reflection, all in tension, on temporality; time, master of the movement that guides creation. We believe that everything can become unique with enough love. In our creative process, this means giving enough time and attention to allow each creation to reach its full potential.

In the film, the viewer is guided through a mysterious path of intriguing deep blue curtains. Their elegance represents the idea of revelation, an unknown trajectory, intuition and surprise. Towards the end of the short film, in the center of the curtains, we discover the clock that becomes a silk scarf: a wink to the physical invitation, communicated to 50 guests for the premiere of the film. The film ends with a short text that completes the trilogy of cryptic messages that began with the box and the invitation card.


The Clock, a short film by Baillat Studio



The Clock - Behind the scene


As an invitation for the film premiere, we designed a series of boxes that contained a silk scarf and an invitation card card in an envelope with a Baillat Studio cut-out. Cryptic sentences, by Steve Savage, were included in the design to tease the guests.

Three different scarves were designed for the projet. The designs featured the BS monogram, our not-so-secret brand equation (ARTxENERGY=MOVEMENT) and the Baillat Clock. This last one is a hint at the final reveal of the short film.

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We also create immersive visual narratives and installations for brands and performers looking for new ways to inspire and invigorate their audiences. We help bring each client’s vision to life by designing otherworldly experiences that leave an indelible impression on the minds of viewers.

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