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Nik Mirus - A to B

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Nik Mirus - A to B


A collection of printed objects (publications, postcards, posters) combined for the purpose of explaining the entire creative process of photographer Nik Mirus. Ranging from sketches to final photos, along with materials that were used, the portfolio adopts the approach of a museum exhibition by providing as much information as possible about the artist and his work while helping to highlight his expertise.

Nik Mirus is a Montreal photographer and director represented by L’Éloi whose work is distinguished by its colourful, graphic, meticulous aesthetic. A specialist in studio photography, Mirus plays with forms and textures to create striking images and scenes.


Produced in an extremely limited edition, the goal of this booklet was to present the work of Nik Mirus in its best light. Our collaboration in fact won a silver medal at the second edition of Concours Idéa, along with an Applied Arts Award.

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