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Age of Union - Art Book & Trade Book

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Age of Union - Art Book & Trade Book


Age of Union is the first book by Dax Dasilva, an entrepreneur who founded Lightspeed and the Never Apart gallery. Presenting the author’s personal and philosophical vision, the book is intended to promote positive evolution in our world. Our mandate was to handle the complete design for the two published versions (trade book and art book), as well as commissioning art to be incorporated into the work.

Seven contemporary artists from various fields of practice were brought together through a dozen signature works. Each work is distinguished by its colour, which combines with the other works to create a striking chromatic experience.

Trade Book

The soft-cover trade book edition is designed to facilitate circulation while retaining the same rich, detailed graphic style of the art book.

We based our graphic design concept on Stéphane Poirier’s illustrations, with the aim of creating a consistent universe that would serve as a nexus of the images and the words.

In his illustrations, the urgency to act coexists harmoniously with an ode to nature through striking visuals and a warm color palette.


This was the starting point for our relationship with Dax Dasilva's foundation, a partnership that has continued since then, with our studio graphically supporting the evolution of Age of Union's identity. The art book version earned an Applied Arts Award in 2020.

Editorial Book Design AAW 2020
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