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Red Bull Music Academy Montreal 2016

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Red Bull Music Academy Montreal 2016


The Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) has been a vital institution on the global music scene for over 20 years. In 2016, the RBMA chose to hold its 17th edition in Montreal. We were mandated to create an editorial rather than promotional campaign that expressed Montreal's zeitgeist, addressed the event's target audience and created a strong, credible link between the Red Bull brand and music, all while emphasizing the mantra of the RBMA: Create, Collaborate, Celebrate.

We also had to communicate the magnitude of the event and its impact on both the city and the up-and-coming artists taking part. Finally, we had to represent the 26 different events offered at RBMA Montreal by highlighting their tremendous diversity and respecting the cultural identity of each featured artist.

A unique universe was created for each event, all of which were inspired by a signature design language that was consistent and distinctive. We devised an approach that integrated Montreal's dual nature: on the one hand, Anglo-Saxon, proper and polished, with neat lines; on the other hand, hot, Latin, multicultural and sensual, with blurred contours. In order to unite these two rich visual universes, the tearing seen on urban posters provided an aesthetic starting point. Imagery was concealed or revealed across multiple layers. Each image in effect contained the idea of adventure, a hidden promise, a mystery, the lure of discovery.



The duality is also found in the choice of two opposing typographies: one delicate and sinuous; the other more imposing, architectural.

The meeting of these two typos allows to create a vibration which lets perceive the musicality of the event.

RBMA - Collaterals


RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY MONTRÉAL - 2nd Announcement video

RBMA Signage

The Phi Centre, a crucial venue on Montreal's artistic and creative scene, served as the nerve centre for the RBMA conference. In a near rebranding of the entire venue, the studio emphasized a key element of its RBMA communications strategy, employing the signature typography as signage throughout the Phi Centre. Oversized numbers marked floor levels, while floor plans designated the locations of workshops and related RBMA events. To add to the festive ambience, several custom posters were displayed around the venue.


High-impact and high-volume was the name of the game. We seamlessly managed both by creating a bespoke campaign for the event and breathing life into 24 original creative assets in a dizzying array of media and formats (print, OOH, digital/video, social).

Sales results surpassed all expectations, with each concert being either sold out or attracting very large crowds.

Interest in the event among young people 95%
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