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For "Through the Echoes," the first immersive multimedia show presented in the pyramid-shaped venue PY1, imagined by Guy Laliberté, our studio designed a campaign aimed at cultivating an air of mystery and sparking curiosity. The result was a campaign that imparted a mystical aura to the event by centering its appeal on the experience it provided.

Produced in collaboration with LM Chabot, the campaign was implemented through a series of photos and videos depicting an assortment of faces expressing fascination, all surrounded by vivid colours. Standing out amid the silhouette of a crowd, these faces were exposed by spotlights and haloed by geometric lines. A hand pointing toward the heavens reinforced the mystical atmosphere. This hand was also enhanced by geometric lines. The same lines were used to outline a three-dimensional pyramid, the only purely graphical element of the campaign.




Place-des-Arts Metro station was decorated using the campaign’s colours, with a focus on phrases and images that created an aura of mystery.

The second phase of our campaign for the show Through The Echoes, presented at the PY1 pyramid.

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We also create immersive visual narratives and installations for brands and performers looking for new ways to inspire and invigorate their audiences. We help bring each client’s vision to life by designing otherworldly experiences that leave an indelible impression on the minds of viewers.

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