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Montreal International Jazz Festival 2019

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Montreal International Jazz Festival 2019


The 2019 edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival marked the event's 40th anniversary. Baillat Studio redefined the festival's visual approach to highlight its bold nature, summer setting and vibrant essence. For the occasion, we implemented a lively, colourful campaign with out-of-home and video components.

Flowers and cacti shared top billing in the campaign, which emphasized bright colours. The movement of the posters, evoking leaves in the wind and placed haphazardly against botanic backdrops, imparts a sense of fluidity and ephemerality. The colourful universe invites the viewer to plunge into the history of the festival and jazz in Montreal, which is characterized by its boldness, while modernizing it with a contemporary visual aesthetic. The contrasting palette and imagery illustrate the duality of jazz, which combines the soft and the piercing, the melodic and the dissonant.


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For the past decade, the Montreal Jazz Festival has been renowned as the largest event of its kind in the world. Each year, via 500 concerts and various activities spread out over five days, the festival attracts more than 2.5 million visitors.

Yearly visitors 2.5M
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