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Felicity - Hologramme

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Felicity - Hologramme


Celebrating travel, this album by Hologramme transports the listener somewhere between the electronic grooves of Berlin and the rolling waves of Hawaii. The album cover opens up like an invitation to a vacation getaway, portraying an encounter between two distinct universes. Colour meets black and white, exotic languor meets mechanical uniformity.

We dipped into the personal collection of photographer Mathieu Fortin, who also created new pictures for us, to put together this collage-like universe. Photos of beaches, bodies or urban structures and restaged photos, taken through a screen or a mirror, are linked by the neon orange that radiates throughout the whole work. Hologramme’s typographical logo completes the album’s design.


Our cover for Hologramme's album Felicity charmed the jury of the Applied Arts Awards, who honoured it with an award in 2020.

Packaging - Retail Applications - Single AAW 2020
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