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MOOG Audio makes new musical production technologies accessible to all of those who desires to create and share their expertise with both amateur DJs and seasoned professionals. In addition to its well known shop based in the heart of Montreal, they are also known for its design and cutting-edge delivery of multimedia systems that fits their client's unique space and requirements by putting the extensive know-how of their specialists to create exceptional atmospheres.

Baillat Studio was trusted to revisit their branding dating back to 1998 in order to bring a contemporary feeling to their products and on-site installation pictures by reworking on a new logo and developing a clear art direction. A distinctive brand was produced on all the applications while putting an emphasis on their three different services (Sales, rentals, integrations).

For the launch of the new branding, we created three different illustrations where each has a unique new slogan starting with “we don’t sell …”, that highlight's the brand creator's special sense of humor and to entice the client's curiosity.


Moog Audio's visual identity redesign was a success. The campaign received numerous design awards, including a gold medal at the 2019 Advertising & Design Club of Canada Awards.

Design - Pamphlet ADCC 2019
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We also create immersive visual narratives and installations for brands and performers looking for new ways to inspire and invigorate their audiences. We help bring each client’s vision to life by designing otherworldly experiences that leave an indelible impression on the minds of viewers.

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