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This silkscreen-style design was created for the Japanese street food festival's second year. In keeping with the event’s simple, playful spirit, we opted for a more minimalist look by focusing on two contrasting colours—pink and blue—and two graphic components: a Maneki character and a Japanese typeface. The bold treatment of these two elements gave them a softer, somewhat simplified look.

Yatai is a Montreal festival that celebrates Japanese culture and street food. Created in 2018, the event takes place in June in the Plateau and Mile End. The festival offers culinary, artistic and cultural activities.


Since 2018, the Yatai festival has contributed to the promotion of Japanese culture in Montreal and Quebec. During three days packed with activities, concentrated primarily in the Mile End neighbourhood, Yatai reaches more than 15,000 people each year who are curious about Japan and eager to learn more about its culture.

Yearly visitors 15 000
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We also create immersive visual narratives and installations for brands and performers looking for new ways to inspire and invigorate their audiences. We help bring each client’s vision to life by designing otherworldly experiences that leave an indelible impression on the minds of viewers.

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