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Helene Fischer


A German megastar at the peak of her career and physical fitness, Helene Fischer chose 45 Degrees, a division of Cirque du Soleil, to create the monumental stage design for her 2017-18 tour. Baillat Studio directed the show’s video content and production with 4U2C.

The show's set design was structured around the history of time, providing a pretext to move back and forth within the singer’s repertoire.


Helene Fischer Live Show 2017-2018

Alternating between live shots and animated sequences, the video content enhanced the shifting ambiance of the performance.

We designed the video content and visuals for a giant semicircular screen, which served as a constant symbol of the circularity of time, as well as all the other screens that brought the stadium to life. The visuals were seamlessly integrated into Nicolas Brion’s lighting.


Helene Fischer's 2017-18 tour confirmed her status as a European star, with 65 shows in a total of 13 cities. She performed to full houses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with the tour selling more than 700,000 tickets.

Tickets sold 700 000 +
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