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In 2021, the American metal band Korn organised a streaming concert to make up for the cancellation of their American tour. The show was recorded in a large parking lot in Los Angeles, and Baillat Studio was mandated to produce video content for the show. The studio imagined the world of the mythical band by creating dark, yet vivid visuals.

The video content was built for the very large screen installed behind the band. In the conceptualization, multiple camera angles had to be considered in order to create an aesthetically consistent rendering for the viewer, at home. Presented by Netflix, the project was realized in partnership with Supply and Demand.


Korn Live 2021


Music by Dance Against the Machine

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We also work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop a singular visual language that turns their commercial aspirations into reality. Our approach to brand identity is based on deep listening and mindful observation, guided by intuition and a shared desire to explore uncharted territories.

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