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Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Installations


Inflated parkas embody lifelike human figures, oscillating over the gust of high-powered vents and emerging from the shadows to the rhythm of programmed lighting. These mysterious silhouettes stand among several suspended neon tubes that add to the entire space's light design at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. They are part of the upcoming project: We Are Made Of Air.

Aaron Kaufman's collaboration complements the installation with projection of visual elements as well as material research over the course of the projects evolution.




As part of the Clairs-Obscurs series, Baillat and Alain Thibault took over the Lassonde Pavilion of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to present Love Is: a highly luminous installation that explores the multiple meanings, at the crossroads of absurdity and poetry, of love.

Behind a wall of LEDs alternating on and off - rhythmically, a screen is animated by a curation of texts, found in part in the Google search bar, signed by the contemporary author Steve Savage.


LOVE IS - Installation



The collaboration between Studio Baillat and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts allows the meeting of two universes that complement each other and motivate one to surpass oneself and to review one's own codes. With We Are Made of Air and Love Is, the air was tinted pink during the Clairs-Obscurs evenings.

Tint of the air Pink
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We also work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop a singular visual language that turns their commercial aspirations into reality. Our approach to brand identity is based on deep listening and mindful observation, guided by intuition and a shared desire to explore uncharted territories.

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