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Ocular Oscillation


Ocular Oscillation, or OO, is an audiovisual work created as part of Elektra's residency in Mons, Belgium, and designed specifically to be projected in the festival's mobile geodesic dome. It was also shown at the SAT in Montreal and Mutek Mexico. This collaborative work was created by Patrick Trudeau based on music by Alain Thibault.

An immersive sensory experience, OO explores the perceptual disruptions caused by involuntary eye movements. The work reproduces various involuntary perceptions of oscillations, such as those caused by illness, intoxication or accidents.




OO is an encounter with oneiric and brutalist architectural spaces interrupted by bursts of flat, 2-D visual glare that have a stroboscopic, oppressive effect. The interaction between these two different worlds produces a vertiginous, hypnotic experience in which viewers completely lose their bearings.

Premiere Mons, BE
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