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Restaurant Soubois


Soubois is an enchanting gastronomic destination in the heart of downtown Montreal with a dual nature: restaurant by day, nightclub by night. We created a brand identity that evokes an enchanted forest while integrating elements associated with the location's dual aspect. The idea was to represent the establishment's elegance and sophistication, to address an urban, contemporary clientele, to emphasize the local products featured on the menu and to impart an aura of magic and mystery.

Exclusively in gold or green, the decagon is linked to both the modern trend of geometric forms and the "occult" sciences. Drawing on scientific and alchemical principles, our creative process experimented with the golden ratio and sacred geometry to create hypnotic forms and motifs. The signature colours blend with nature and emphasize Soubois's distinct day and night-time identities.

We have integrated alchemical and scientific principles in our graphic approach, using the mathematical formulas of the golden ratio or resorting to sacred geometry to create the hypnotic shapes and patterns. The colors used are in harmony with nature in order to mark the dual diurnal and nocturnal identity of Soubois.


Just like Soubois's festive events, the bar's new branding caught the eye of many. In 2016, the project earned the Grand Prix Grafika in the Poster category.

Grand Prize - Poster Grafika 2016
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